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Elite Earth Builders quality conscious firm, has the distinction of attaining quality in all disciplined consistently since its inception. Over the years, Elite earth builders has made its presence felt in the construction industry. It has done so by giving a Good quality of work, fulfilling the clients requirements as committed, completing the projects within the scheduled time and co-ordinating with other agencies like Architects and Engineers.

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Superior work force. Rich experience. Technical updation. Quality Assurance team. All these seamlessly combined to ensure that every brick constructed is of consistent quality and worthy of bearing the Elite Earth Builders label. Which is why across South India, Elite Earth Builders is preferred by the customers and recommended by the experts.

Our Projects

Rammed Earth Building

Rammed earth, also known as tapial (Spanish), and pise (de terre) (French), is a technique for building walls using the raw materials of earth, chalk, lime and gravel. It is an ancient building method that has seen a revival in recent years as people seek more sustainable building materials and natural building methods. Rammed-earth walls are simple to construct, noncombustible, thermally massive, strong, and durable. They can be labour-intensive to construct without machinery (powered tampers), however, and they are susceptible to water damage if inadequately protected or maintained. Rammed-earth buildings are found on every continent except Antarctica, in a range of environments that includes the temperate and wet regions of northern Europe, semiarid deserts, mountain areas and the tropics.

Exposed Brick Building

Brickwork is masonry produced by a bricklayer, using bricks and mortar to build up brick structures as walls. A Bond is the pattern how bricks are laid. Where the bricks are to remain fully exposed, as opposed to being covered up by plaster, this is known as face-work or facing brickwork. Bonding in bricks are

  • English Bond
  • Flemish Bond
  • English Garden Wall Bond
  • Flemish Garden Wall Bond
  • Header bond
  • Stretcher Bond

English Bond

Flemish bond

Header bond

Strecher bond

Exposed Brick Arch roof

Terracotta is a which is a clay based unglazed ceramic made from baking clay is used widely to make low cost tiles and tubes in India which are used for roofing in rural areas. As I was researching on new developments in the technology of using these tiles in a innovative way I found this technique of using interlocking terracotta tubes in which Hollow burnt clay tubes are stacked to achieve catenary vaults that require no structural steel.Substructure such as wooden rafters in terracotta roof tile applications are redundant as the system is self supporting. Neither is shuttering required. This leads to an insulated roof based on locally produced materials and quick assembly.

Red Oxide Flooring

Red oxide, Black oxide and other color oxide flooring, unique to Kerala, is back in favour after falling from grace in the seventies. Many people from the northern India and aboard exclaim at the richness and velvety gloss of a well-made oxide floor.The best example of traditional red and black flooring is found in the 400-year-old Padmanabhapuram Palace in Thakkala. However, with the arrival of the multitude of flooring materials such as Marble, Mosaic, Vitrified and other floor tiles, red/ black oxide fell out of popularity in the Seventies. It became more or less a poor man’s flooring. Now it is getting back its glory.The technique of using coloured cement for flooring is found in other parts of India too, such as the Chettinad tiles.

Egg Lime Plastering wall

In the past, fresco painters often used egg tempera, which is pigment mixed with water and egg. This formed a very tough and durable paint. Egg tempera, however, is time-consuming to mix and somewhat more difficult to work with than other kinds of water-based paints. Ordinary modern acrylics will work with fresco painting, as well as modern tempera paints, which bear the same name but have a somewhat different composition from egg tempera.Lime based plasters are used to plaster the wall. We offer beautiful and highly organic Lime Plasters made using age-old recipes. These recipes were in use since thousands of years, but were lost since the advent of Acrylic paints. We have recreated these plasters by incorporating modern materials and technologies.

Residential Buildings

Elite earth builders have buildings placed in Coimbatore. This project hosts all facilities that a contemporary home buyer would desire to have. The Project is a part of the suburban locality.It is linked to near by localities by wide roads. inhabitants of the locality have easy access to community facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals, recreational areas and parks. The facilities within the complex are thoughtfully created.We have plan which provides best utilization of the space. From stylish flooring to airy balconies, standard kitchen size and high-quality fixtures, every little thing here gives it an appealing appearance. The master plan of our buildings includes a large number of desirable facilities that collectively guarantee a hassel-free way of living.

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